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We cater custom designed websites and applications for web and mobile

UX/UI Design // Development // Strategy

Our Mission

At Noble Pixels, our focus is on making the web work for your business goals. We take the time to fully understand your vision, then put our expertise across web technologies to develop a plan that works for you


A collaborative consultation process combines your knowledge with ours. The Noble Pixel team’s mission is to make a plan that makes your vision work on the web.


Your creative idea deserves a creative solution. Nobel Pixel’s skilled team members stay current on technology offerings. We pride ourselves in being flexible, and making suggestions that keep your needs in mind.


At Noble Pixels, Planning and Building are Act 1 and Act 2. Act 3 is keeping your hard work ahead of the competition. Our thorough knowledge of web analytics and optimization helps ensure your site has Top Billing.

Who We Are

We are a web development studio in Toronto, Canada. At Noble Pixels we offer creative solutions for web design, web development and digital marketing. We craft a unique presence for your business that drives new business.

At Noble Pixels we believe long lasting relationships start with trust and communication. Our collaborative approach focuses first on internalising your business model, your objectives and your clientele. We work to optimise your existing properties, leverage your internal expertise and inspire growth in your company with our skillset.

We seek to demystify our processes to ensure that you are confident, comfortable and connected. Our clients value our transparency, and we value our clients.

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An Exciting Experience

Experience, professionalism and creativity are the core values that power our pixels. Our mission is to bring your vision to fruition, and establish a comfort level for the process. We work to understand your goals and objectives, with a collaborative approach that helps our clients to make best use of their expertise, and make best use of their sites.

What We Do

A Result Driven Company

Our team possesses both the practical hands-on experience and proven processes needed to ensure a smooth workflow resulting in producing comprehensive solutions. Solutions that will help empowering your organization through connecting employees and clients and making a meaningful difference. We make it happen through a convenient process provided by the experience we have in the web development area.

What makes us special?

We are not a conventional company and no cookie-cutters. We are logic experts, database designers and data analysts and believe in the value of meaningful data and effective content delivery. We think that understanding and research is the first step to every project, and that's what make us different.

Managed Service, Limitless Development

Working with technologies that are highly in demand and in fast change, a customized solution can give you a measurable competitive advantage. We design User-centric websites and web-based software for business driven applications that fit within organizations and help various roles with their daily data processing procedures. We build our applications powered with web-based technologies and delivery them fo various browsers on desktop, mobile and any unique digital device.

Management Team

Anthony Roffidal
Information Architect, Web Developer

Anthony is our senior developer with extensive knowledge in eCommerce technologies and SEO. He has successfully developed and managed highly competitive online shops; also creator of a popular online fishing game. Anthony strives in designing excelling Architecture backed up with Analytics research and data.

Majid Ariannejad
Founder, Web Developer

Majid is our project manager and web developers with more than a decade in freelancing of making websites! He has been part of making some seriously awesome applications like this and had performed in few roles as Web Designer, Developer and System Architect in past decade.

Changyong Park
Technical Manager, Web Developer

Changyong is our lead developer and a big driver of many fundamental development projects. He has successfully led the development of some serious portals and online management systems for various organizations including Musicfest Canada and Me to We in most recent years.

Our Web Development Studio

Our Approach

By taking a collaborative approach, we work with internal and external stakeholders to better understand of the objectives and deliver a solution that caters the requirements. We utilize simple Project Management tools to track projects, tasks, deadlines and all communications in one place. This ensures visibility and your convenient involvement during the process.

Our Capabilities

We use programming languages that translate data and bridge them through internet connected servers and devices. We are capable of designing and developing applications for all digital devices.

Our standards aren’t the norm. Instead, we have chosen to establish working with maximum transparency, striving in excellence customer care, and educating our clients, enabling them to make best informative decisions.


We work to develop strong foundations for our applications and websites. To achieve our highly ambitious goals and standards, we stay on top of research and developing our skills with the bleeding edge technologies. We believe in the power of Open Source community and development frameworks.

For many years, we have developed websites hiring various Content Management Systems. For the purpose of Content Management System, WordPress website development has remained as our the primary simple and yet effective solution for content based websites.

Growing toward more sophisticated applications and data processing for specific business logics, we have adopted Laravel as our primary go-to Framework. Hiring a series of technologies through this Framework allows us rapid development and focusing on business deliverables and a stellar user experience.

Our Clients

St. Michaels

Research at St. Michael's Hospital

Working closely with Loop team, we developed a fully functional website and a highly customized CMS managable by various St. Michael's Hospital staff.

We were really thrilled to challenge our skills in order to deliver pixel-perfect front-end development, fast and seo friendly coding topped with some back-end magic and robust database design.

"We approached Noble Pixels to collaborate on the St. Michael's Hospital Research project because of their focus on social good and their extensive knowledge of web development. When we briefed them on the project, they approached us with two solutions and recommended a more challenging solution that in the end, would have resulted in a superior product. We worked collaboratively to create a custom, robust, Wordpress website that could handle hundreds research profiles with a custom filter system, as well as over 500 pages of content, custom-built for the St. Michael's Research website. Their approach is precise and their passion in creating the best is clear. We recommend Noble Pixels to anyone looking for a development firm who's dedicated, trustworthy, and wants to work with a smart, and engaging team."

- Josh & Ryan - Co Founders at We Are Loop”